A+ Science AB

A+ Science is a complete clinical service CRO with long experience of services in clinical trials for pharmaceuticals (Phase I-IV) as well as medical devices.

This year celebtrating 20 years anniversary, A+ Science was one of the first CROs in Sweden. Our core expertise is in the Nordic Countries, however through our close collaboration with other CROs, we cover several other countries.

A+ Science is a CRO run by its personnel. We offer customized and flexible solutions. Our vision is to become the CRO best known for its unique and dedicated personnel with focus on customer satisfaction.

To Earn Trust- Make Difference

Mrs Tania Persson
Mrs Tania Persson
Director of Business Development 


Business manager at the recently started Pharma Unit at Alten. We offer competences within the life science sector focused towards the pharmaceutical industry. Examples on focus areas are e.g. clinical trials, quality assuraance, regulatory affairs and process engineering.

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Mr Rickard Westergren
Business Manager 

AMB Industri AB

AMB Industri AB supports you in the process of taking your idea to a CE-marked medical device. AMB offers an integrated supply chain with part design, manufacturing processes and packaging. AMB is certified according to ISO13485.

PhD Håkan Lavebratt
Key Account mgr 

Awapatent AB

Awapatent is a leading consultancy firm in intellectual property (IP) with presence in both Europe and Asia.

IP is a fantastic means of turning ideas and innovations into business opportunities – provided it is properly managed. We serve innovation-intensive companies, ranging from startups to owners of the world’s most well-known brands and patent portfolios, in the life sciences sector and in other industries. Our services include patents, trademarks, designs, legal services, IP strategy and commercialization. 

Awapatent was founded in 1897 and has 300 employees at 16 offices in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and China.

Mr Rikard Lundgren
IP Strategy Consultant / Sales and Business Development Manager 

Bergenstråhle & Partners

David Henricson Briggs
Patent Attorney 

Biomedicals Sweden

Biomedicals Sweden is a scientific research company. We developed and patented UVIREN, a nouvelle treatment of urinary tract infection instead of antibiotics in order to lower the resistant bacteria. About 3% of world population gets an UTI per year.

We look for investors and partners.

Mr Constantin Raduti

Business Performance AB

Vi är affärskonsulter som hjälper företag att utveckla sitt arbetssätt till att göra fler och lönsammare affärer samt att skapa en kundservice och kundomhändertagande som verkligen gör avtryck.

Harri Saarinen
AO Chef Säljutveckling 


Mediteq är ett konsultföretag som hjälper och guidar dig bland regulatoriska krav, marknadstillträden och CE-märkning av medicintekniska produkter.
Vi har tydliga mål, vågar tänka nytt och har långsiktiga perspektiv i våra uppdrag.
Lina Siverholm


Perceptive utvecklar och förstärker kommunikation, marknad och sälj inom Life Science. 

Vår mångåriga erfarenhet och kunskap hjälper dig med tydliga och snabba resultat.

Vi träffar er gärna för en förutsättningslös diskussion!

Per Setterberg och Christian Thorup

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Per Setterberg


Perceptive utvecklar och förstärker kommunikation, marknad och sälj inom Life science.

Vår mångåriga erfarenhet och kunskap hjälper dig dig med tydliga och snabba resultat.

Consultant Christian Thorup